Anu Chachi Sleeps In My Room – Part II

Hi friends this Sunny again 25 year old location: secret. I would love to continue sharing about what happened later between me and Anu Chachi after our first encounter.

I woke up next morning around 8 AM. I looked towards my left side to check whether Anu chachi is there but saw only Rinku who was still deep sleep. Anu Chachi had already left. She usually wakes up around 6 AM every morning just like my mother as they had a lot of morning chores to take care of. I sat in my bed and the last night visions came back to me. Again and again I could see Anu Chachi lying in my bed with her sarree above her knee as I gazed upon her flawless beauty standing in front of the bed.

The visions made me horny and I wanted jack off. I quickly went into my bathroom and jacked off thinking about my adventures of last night, smooth fair skin of Anu chachi, her breast –so soft so tender, so milky….. hmmmm I thought, her soft inner thighs and above all her intoxicating smell. I jacked off a load of cum as soon as I remembered how Anu chachi smelled. It was awesome. For a 18 year old boy feeling a woman the way I did was more than a dream come true. However I wanted more I thought. I wished Anu chachi would come to sleep in my room again.

Anu chachi did tell to Rinku last night that she would sleep in my room for a day or two till Rinku gets comfortable sleeping without her. I just prayed for that to happen again. I hurriedly perform my morning duties and took bath and went downstairs to check on the scene. There was also a lot of fear in me that “what if Anu chachi would have spoken about last night events to others?” this thought was horrifying me. But I was bit assured that she was deep sleep last night and I will not be caught.

As I went downstairs I saw my mother and saw my grandparents in the drawing room. Anu chachi was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. The scene was very normal. Anu chachi have spoken nothing to family members about last night I thought. And mostly she herself does not know about events of last night. This relaxed me. However facing Anu chachi was becoming more difficult than I thought. First I thought about ignoring her and not to go in kitchen to ask for breakfast. But then I thought it’s important to know what is her reaction towards me. I entered into kitchen with my heart pounding.

As I entered Anu chachi looked at me and smiled and said even before I asked “breakfast will be ready in just two minutes”. Her tone and behavior was very normal and I got relaxed as I knew my adventure have not put me in any kind of trouble. Throughout the day my mind kept racing with the visions of last night. I just kept thinking about Anu chachi. I gazed upon her whenever I got chance. She was wearing a bright orange saree in which she looked really beautiful and appealing. I prayed “may be just once more she would come to sleep in my room” and I eagerly waited for the night to fall.

I further thought that Anu chachi usually wears night gown at night and wished that she would wear a night gown tonight as her blouse was a big encumbrance to my inexperienced hands. As night fall soon after dinner I moved upstairs to my room thinking about all sought of possibilities the night could bring on to me. The atmosphere became very silent as one by one family members went to their room to sleep. Soon I heard some on the steps leading to my room on the terrace.

My heart raced and I wished to see Anu chachi and Rinku to come in from the door. However my dreams got shattered as the door opened “it was only Rinku who had come up” there was no sign of Anu chachi. He came lied to my left. I waited for some time. I thought Anu chachi might come a little later. But she didn’t. after 5 minutes of waiting I asked Rinku “Where’s Anu chachi?” he said “ she’s downstairs in her room”. “

I asked him isn’t she going to come up here to sleep with him?” he said “ I wish the same bhaiya but she has not come, I want her to sleep here with me” my devil mind provoked him to go and call her upstairs to come and sleep in my room. I told him “let’s go and call her” Rinku smiled and said “thank you bhaiya that would be so nice”. We went downstairs to first floor to Anu chachi’s room.

I knocked the door and prayed to see Anu chachi wearing a night gown and not sarree and blouse. The door opened it was Anu chachi wearing night gown. I felt great. I thought “if tonight she sleeps in my room than I have a chance of looking at real breasts”. I said “chachi Rinku wants you to sleep in our room” . she seemed tired and hesitantly said “okay, take him upstairs I will be there in a minute”

Hurray I thought “ she’s coming to my room wearing a night gown.” We waited few minutes and soon the door opened. Anu chachi walked in and closed the door behind her. This time she also put the latch and locked the door. That enthralled me more. She said “Acha Rinku now go to sleep mummy is here” she slowly moved into bed and lied down between me and Rinku. She face Rinku and kept humming and patting him till he went asleep. I waited patiently on my side of the double bed till complete silence overtook my room. There was complete silence and I could hear Anu chachi and Rinku breathing. I looked at clock it was 11.30 PM. Ghosh I thought I had entire night with this beautiful voluptuous woman sleeping right next to me.

All I wanted tonight was to see her Anu chachi’s bare breasts. I wanted to see her nipple and areolas. I thought of my next move. I thought to put my hands on her butt till she is sleeping facing Rinku. I moved my hands slowly towards her butt. I kept a check on her breathing. She was calm. I gently laid my hands on her right butt cheek covered by her gown. Aaah I felt good. Her butt cheeks were soft I thought. I pressed my palms more and her butt cheeks got pressed underneath my palms.

I was in heaven again I thought. I moved my fingers in circular motion and felt different areas of Anu chachi’s ass. Though her gown was between my palms and her bare skin it was great for a 15 year boy to feel a mature woman’s ass. My 6’ inch cock began to grew inside my shorts and precum started to flow from it. I slowly started to move my palm where I thought Anu chachi’s ass crack should be. I moved my hands slowly and found my destination. I looked upon her to check if she’s asleep or not.

She was breathing calmly. So I got more courage and I pressed my fingers in her ass cracks from over her gown. Aaah my fingers immediately started to go into deep forbidden areas of Anu chachi’s butt. I was in heaven I thought. I moved my fingers up and down her ass crack gently being careful not to wake her up. I played in her ass crack like for 5-10 minutes than later again went feel her butt cheeks. All my movements should be very slow as I didn’t wanted to wake Anu chachi up. I gently played with butt cheeks pressed them in my palm a few times. Later I got bored and wanted to feel her breasts. So I went back to my side of bed and waited till she turned to face me.

I felt like God was listening to this 15 year old boy as Anu chachi moved and turned to face me soon in like a minute or two. And things became more hot as she had moved closer towards me while turning in her sleep. Aaaaah such a beautiful face and luscious lips. I wanted to lick her face too. But knew I could not as I could not wake her up in any case. I soon at her breasts. The dim might lamb light was enough for my hungry eyes to see Anu chachi’s cleavage and white skin. The valley which smelled great and fantastic was in front of my eyes again. I felt lucky and wanted to touch Anu chachi’s breasts and milky cleavage again.

I looked at her face intently to see any kind of movement in her. She was calmly asleep and her breathing was very rhythmic. This gave me courage and I slowly moved close to her. I gently placed my hands on her bare cleavage straight away. Last night had fueled me up with more guts I thought. her cleavage was in my palms. Her breasts looks more bigger than yesterday I thought. or maybe it would be the loose night gown which is making

Anu chachi’s breast heave up more. I moved my fingers in circular motion on her cleavage. It felt awesome. I wanted more. I kept looking at Anu chachi’s face for any sign of movement in her and carefully tugged my fingers under night gown on her cleavage. I slowly pulled night gown up. It was very elastic to my surprise and could easily be moved. I kept looking at Anu chachi’s face and slowly pulled night gown covering her breasts down and down.

She took one breath heavily and left out a sigh. I got scared and felt like my heart will just come out. I paused my movements and pretended to be asleep. My eyes were closed and my right hand was still tugged into her gown. I felt more weight on my right hand and felt it was buried soft flesh even more. I opened my left eye half to see what has happened. I saw that Anu chachi in her sleep had moved more close to me and my hand was buried in breasts even more. I looked at her face and saw that she was calmly asleep and breathing normally.

I caught my breath again and restarted my mission to uncover Anu chachi’s breast. I started pulling Anu chachi’s highly elastic gown down and down. Suddenly it snapped out of my fingers and fall back maing a small “ thud” sound. I opened both my eyes to see what is position. As Anu chachi laid on her right one side of gown had moved down and it was tugged under Anu chachi’s left upper breast and her right breast was still covered under the gown.

However she was wearing a bra. But the view was amazing her cleavage looked bigger than ever. As I got sexed up I got bolder and started pulling her bra down wards too. I wanted to see her bare breast. But that was too much her bra was too tight. Anu chachi’s bra griped her milky breasts to tightly and I could not pulled them.

However I thought I had enough place for my finger to move in her bra. The idea took me over. The view of shape her perky nipples under her bra made me bolder and I wanted to feel those. I tugged my fingers under her bra and moved it in. her soft breast felt great as my fingers slowly moved towards Anu chachi’s nipples underneath her bra. I constantly kept looking at Anu chachi’s face for any sign of movement but as usual she was deep asleep. And finally my thirsty fingers touched something.

Which was not as flat as remaining area of Anu chachi’s breast it was like a small hill. I knew now where my fingers were exactly. I moved my fingers with excitement around Anu chachi’s right breast nipples. The nipple seemed to give me attention. As soon I touched it I felt it started bulging. It grew a bit fatter and stood more erect I thought. With that bulge in Anu chachi’s nipples bulge in my shorts was on the verge of explosion.

I pressed and twitched her nipple more and more. I constantly looked at Anu chachi’s face and this time I felt her breathing has become bit faster. There seemed small tension on her face as well. I thought maybe she is feeling this in her sleep and seeing a dream of such happening. I didn’t knew I thought “ as long as her eyes are closed I can go ahead, if she wakes up I will pretend to sleep.” Perhaps I thought maybe she might like it as well.

I got sexed up and started to pull her bra down. This time with more force. I was horny and I just wanted to remove that bra from Anu chachi’s breast. I pulled it more forcibly when suddenly Anu chachi woke up. I got scared my fingers snaped out of her bra and my hand felt beside her soon as she raised her body to sit on bed. It happened so fast I could not even close my eye. Anu chachi sat motionless for a second and started moving out of bed redressing her gown up. I got scared and thought this time she has surely woke up and will go and tell downstairs of what I did to her. My life’s up I thought.

I thought about her stopping her but instead of walking out of the room she went to bathroom inside my room. I silently laid waiting for her to come out and thought about asking for forgiveness when she comes out. Soon the bathroom door opened and instead of moving out of the room Anu chachi moved into bed and immediately slept beside me. This time she slept even more closer to me facing me. I thought to myself “what’s happening??” My heat was still beating very hard. I didn’t knew what to do. Suddenly Anu chachi moved more closer to me so close that her body touched mine. I didn’t knew what was happening? “